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Pet grooming

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Get experienced grooming services

When you need a professional grooming service for your dog or cat, look no further than Puppy Cuts Pet Grooming. Alexis Rast has over 15 years of experience.


Are you concerned about finding a groomer sensitive to your animal's needs? We service all sizes and breeds of dog and cat, and provide pet grooming with a loving touch.

Consistent pricing for grooming

Some groomers charge one price for a bath, another for a toenail cleaning, and another for ear cleaning. At Puppy Cuts Pet Grooming, we believe in convenience for the customer.


When you see a price, it's for an all-inclusive service. If you get your dog a haircut, we'll trim his nails and clean his ears. Even expressing glands is included! You can't beat that.

Professional dog and cat grooming